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This has to be shared.  This monkey puts my response time and memory to shame.

Had to share this.  Old school educational animation rules.

If you’ve never heard of the research of Ed Wilson regarding pheromonal communication in ants, check out this video now.  I’d love to get a bunch of the pheromone and make ants walk in some crazy shapes.

Here’s a link to the documentary in its entirety if you have some time on your hands. 

On my flight to Kansas City last month there was a moment where the sun rising caused this crazy circular rainbow to appear around the shadow of the plane on the clouds. Check it:

Going to space in a balloon sounds more fun than going to space in a rocket.  I assume the ascent would be slower and you’d be able to look out the windows the whole time and see yourself pass through the different layers of atmosphere.  Not smushed to a chair under multiple g-forces… 


Near-Space Tourism Balloon Runs Test Launch |

A new tourist experience could be provided within five years by a huge balloon that offers stunning views of the horizon and the blackness of space. The designer tested the launch procedure last month, using a smaller version of the helium balloon and its passenger pod. [test launch: video]

The May 29 test was halted when a wind gust damaged the balloon’s envelope. The video description of the launch test said a repeat test of the balloon, designed by the Spanish company Zero 2 Infinity, is “scheduled soon.”

The “bloon,” as the company calls it, would carry a pressurized pod for two pilots and four passengers as high as 22 miles (36 kilometers) up. That “near-space” experience would be well below the 62-mile (100-kilometer) altitude considered the edge of space but still high enough for passengers to see the Earth’s curved horizon, the thin blue atmosphere, and black space, even in daylight. continue reading

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some things must be shared.  man can now flap its arms powering mechanical wings to fly.  this goal has plagued inventors for centuries, i’m so psyched that someone finally made it happen.  be sure to check out the development process.

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Here’s a kind of a cool optical effect which results from light reflecting off the silver lettering on a can…

The Most Astounding Fact by Neil DeGrasse Tyson (via crookedindifference)

Here’s a great aggregation of info and imagery.

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here’s a really interesting lecture by cory doctorow concerning digital rights management summing up a unique perspective on the singularity.  

i happen to believe that far before computers develop cognizance, human’s themselves will develop new systems for distributed sensing, thought, and action.  with the movement toward cloud information storage, distributed processing ( like SETI ), and wiki-based information tools like wikipedia, and the simplification of linking input and outputs to these systems with tools like pachube, we might already be there…